In the immunisation area HPA works closely with the Ministry of Health's immunisation team by providing communication and marketing support for the Ministry’s immunisation programme. With several workstreams in the programme the overall theme of this work focuses on immunisation being the best form of protection against serious but preventable diseases, helping to protect children, families and our community. In February 2017,  the HPV Immunisation Campaign to educate parents on the risk and prevalence of HPV infection was launched, promoting uptake of immunisation for children in Year 8. For more information on it click here.

In 2016, the National Immunisation programme which provides free immunisation to people at different stages of their life extended funding for the HPV vaccine for boys and increased the age of eligibility to 26 years.  

For further information please visit the Ministry of Health's website here.

HPA developed a video series called ‘Why Immunise’ to support and promote the National Immunisation Schedule. The videos are tailored for parents and their whānau and look at how immunisation helps protect against the spread of serious diseases. The videos focus on the importance of being immunised and how vaccine-preventable diseases can affect New Zealand families.



Why Immunised (Extended)

    Immunisation Week 1-7 May 2017

    Immunisation Week is about raising awareness about the importance of immunisation to protect against serious illnesses. The theme of the 2017 Immunisation Week is ‘Ensuring that your teen is immunised’ and it's an opportunity to celebrate the role of all health professionals working with older children, teenagers and parents – practice nurses, GPs and hospital staff. Messages include the importance of ensuring that your teen is up to date with their immunisations; many teenagers missed out on measles immunisation as young children, and need protection now against outbreaks. Immunisation at age 11-12 is important as it provides ongoing protection against tetanus, HPV and other serious diseases.

    Resources available 

    Immunisation Week communication packs have been sent to Authorised Providers in March. These include programme material and information on how to order new and existing resources. Along with our new suite of immunisation videos, below are some other resources that might be useful which are available to order via HealthEd.

    • Poster - HE2501 Has your teen been immunised
    • Poster - HE1221 Protect your child & HE2521 Protect your child (Te Reo)
    • Pamphlet - HE2520 Chickenpox (Varicella) & HE2519 Chickenpox (Varicella) (Te Reo)
    • Pamphlet - HE2012 Immunise against HPV & HE2015 Immunise against HPV (Te Reo)

    HPA can provide artwork files for some generic immunisation resources. The printing and production would need to be arranged locally. See General Immunisation Resources section below. 

    General immunisation resources

    HPA can provide artwork files for some generic immunisation resources. The printing and production would need to be arranged locally. As these come with restrictions for usage they are subject to a conditions of use agreement. Contact Robyn at if you would like files to be sent. 


    The infant campaign promotes immunisation to parents of babies and young children. Serious preventable diseases can cause children to become extremely sick and the effects can last for years. Immunisation provides protection when children are most vulnerable. A key focus of this work is on getting immunisations completed on time and helping achieve the Government's health target of 95% of eight-month-olds being fully immunised.


    Whooping cough




    Older children

    HPA continues to support the schools programme (Year 7 and Year 8) each year with a media campaign (radio and online) reminding parents, whānau and caregivers to sign consent forms for Boostrix and Human Papillomavirus (HPV) immunisations being provided at school. 

    Download the consent forms:

    Radio ad - 30 seconds

    A new HPV immunisation campaign was launched in 2017. A key focus of the campaign is to highlight the risk of HPV infection, which is serious and can lead to cancer. Immunising against HPV can help to protect against HPV infection and can prevent HPV-related cancers later in life. The campaign also promoted the relevance of HPV immunisation for boys. 

    Radio ad - 30 seconds

    Radio ad - 30 seconds

    You can also view the new videos about the Boostrix and HPV immunisations.

    School newsletter inserts - Year 7/8 immunisation programme

    Keeping up to date

    As it is important for young people to be up to date with their immunisations, a resource has been developed for secondary schools to use in their newsletters and in GP practices. It helps to remind parents of the important protection that immunisation offers. 

    Schools newsletter insert – reminder imms not Year specific (JEPG .4kb) 

    Download or order copies of the GP poster from HealthEd website.