Workplace wellbeing

Good health equals good business. Being engaged in good work benefits individuals, their families and communities. A workplace that provides ‘good work’ through positive and healthy interaction with employees creates a healthy workforce, and a healthy wider community. These, in turn, help build stronger, healthier businesses.

Workplaces and communities everywhere are feeling the impact of workforce ill-health: reduced productivity, high stress levels, poor job satisfaction, increased sickness, growing absenteeism and high staff turnover, as well as mistakes caused by physical and mental fatigue.

Workplaces are ideal settings for encouraging positive health behaviours because of the significant amount of time people spend at work and because colleagues and organisations can provide positive support for those trying to improve their health.

Workplace health and wellbeing approaches can range from simple activities focused on individual health, to looking across the workplace itself and building a healthier organisation where the healthy choice is the easy choice.

There is strong evidence to show that where workplaces support staff to make small changes to their behaviours, worker health does benefit, especially through smoking reduction, increased physical activity, healthy eating and less stress.

Additionally, a workplace that focuses on addressing both the individual and organisational dimensions of wellbeing delivers better results. Many studies confirm workplaces that focus on health and wellbeing will reap cost savings and productivity advantages, on top of having a generally healthier, happier workforce.

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