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Know the signs of stroke - think FAST (English)

Know the signs of stroke - think FAST (Te reo Māori)

Stroke - getting FAST treatment

View the stories of stroke survivors whose recovery was helped because people acted FAST:

Phoenix's story

Phoenix is a mid 30’s Māori male based in Whangarei. He runs a community focused gym in Whangarei and is very physically active. Last year he experienced his stroke while running with a larger group and thankfully two ladies who were part of it identified the signs and called for help immediately. Because of this and support from his whanāu he is well on the road back to recovery. 

Raoul's story

Raoul is a mid 30’s Māori male also based in Whangarei. A few years ago he suffered a stroke in the morning on his way to work. He collapsed outside his car however his mum who is a nurse recognised the signs and called for help immediately. It has been a longer recovery for him with a number of long term affects but without the fast action from his mother he would likely not be here today.

Va’alelei's story 

Va’alelei is a mid 50’s Pasifika male based in Manurewa. Last year while at work he suffered a stroke while working outside. Initially he brushed it off and tried to continue to work however two of his co-workers identified the signs and proceeded to call an ambulance. It has had quite a serious affect on his health however doctors said without the quick and swift action he would like not alive. 

Dianna's story

Kaumolangi's story

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A stroke is a brain attack

Workmate's speech - think FAST


Weak arm - think FAST 

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