Like Minds, Like Mine Community Partnership Fund


Mental illness impacts on all sectors of our communities. Nearly 50% of New Zealanders are likely to have a mental illness at some time in their lives.

Like Minds, Like Mine is a national programme to promote the reduction of stigma and discrimination and to increase social inclusion for people with experience of mental illness. The programme is guided by the Like Minds, Like Mine National Plan 2014-2019.

The programme is led by the Health Promotion Agency (HPA), which provides funding to support programme delivery. The Ministry of Health oversees the strategic direction and guides the programme with HPA.

Like Minds, Like Mine includes the Community Partnership Fund to create social change in workplace and community settings.

Community Partnership Fund

What is the Fund?

The Community Partnership Fund supports projects that work towards changing social structures, cultures and policies so that social inclusion can occur more easily for those who are most excluded. The most excluded groups are Māori, Pacific peoples, young people (aged 17 to 24) and people with severe mental illness. The Fund is not designed to provide direct services to people with experience of mental illness. The Fund is managed by HPA.

How does the Community Partnership Fund work?

The projects align with the Like Minds, Like Mine National Plan 2014-2019 and focus on workplaces and community-based settings where social exclusion may occur.

The most effective way to create social change is for communities to work together. Projects demonstrate partnership, using cross-sector expertise and active leadership by people with experience of mental illness.

Summary of Community Partnership Fund projects

A summary of the Community Partnership Fund projects is available here.

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Supporting documents

  • Glossary of Terms » [PDF. 188KB] – brief definition of key terms.
  • Definition Document » [PDF. 139KB] – detailed definitions about key concepts specific to mental health, the Like Minds, Like Mine programme and the Community Partnership Fund.