COVID-19: Update from Te Hiringa Hauora/Health Promotion Agency

29 Jul 2020

As part of the Ministry of Health’s national response to the COVID-19 crisis, Te Hiringa Hauora/Health Promotion Agency is supporting the mental wellbeing of five priority groups:

Te Hiringa Hauora is also undertaking work focusing on the COVID-19 related financial hardships being experienced by a number of New Zealanders. Find out more

What is Te Hiringa Hauora doing?

Te Hiringa Hauora is:

  • developing, delivering and supporting tailored messages and resources to improve wellbeing for the five priority groups
  • encouraging help seeking and help giving among these groups.

To achieve this, Te Hiringa Hauora is taking several approaches. We are:

  • working with our partners, the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand and All Right?, to deliver new Getting Through Together messages
  • working with relevant national organisations to promote wellbeing messages and resources
  • delivering COVID-19-related messages through web, social media, newspaper and radio channels 
  • partnering with regional and community groups and organisations to develop resources, and tools to support their campaigns and initiatives.

Examples of our COVID-19 work