Draft programme - Workshop - Creating Wellbeing at Work


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9.00 am How can we take a positive approach to health and safety risk reduction?

Employers in New Zealand face mounting pressures to find better ways to reduce employee health and safety risks. These challenges are best addressed by viewing employee wellbeing as a strategic human capital advantage. This positive approach to risk reduction is guided by a healthy organisation vision. A healthy organisation forges strong links between health, safety and wellness initiatives and core human resource goals. Wellbeing is viewed as a leading indicator of employees’ capabilities – and future business performance. Evidence-based insights from current research support this approach and provide principles that can help employers reap a significant ‘wellness dividend’.

This presentation includes practical tips and examples about how to integrate employee health promotion and create a work environment that enhances health and safety as well as a culture that values wellness.

Graham Lowe


The Graham Lowe Group


10.00 am Are we doing all we can to make working well more likely?

As an employer or manager, you know it's your people who provide the greatest potential for success in your business. Mentally healthy employees are more desirable: they are more productive, creative and adaptable, physically healthy, and effective with others. Businesses dealing with complex tasks and demanding environments want more of these attributes. Having optimal mental health at work is, therefore, too important to be left to chance: employees and employers will benefit from an active approach towards mental health in the workplace.

The mental health of employees is affected by the kind of work they do, the way work happens at your place, how engaged and supported they feel, and their own life circumstances and lifestyles.

This presentation includes practical tips and examples about how to:

  • maintain and recognise what’s done now by individuals and teams to keep current levels of wellbeing
  • build and enhance wellbeing organisation-wide
  • assist the recovery of employees who have lost wellbeing

Frank O’Connor

Working Well Coordinator

Mental Health Foundation


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