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We manage surveys to monitor key health indicators, behaviours and attitudes of New Zealanders.

New Zealand Smoking Monitor

The New Zealand Smoking Monitor (NZSM) is a continuous survey monitor run on behalf of the Ministry of Health. It measures current and changing knowledge, attitudes and behaviours relating to smoking and quitting. It offers a unique way to monitor trends over an extended period of time.

UMR Research, an independent New Zealand research company, has carried out the NZSM for us since its inception in 2011. UMR can be contacted on (04) 473-1061 or at www.umr.co.nz

This information sheet gives a brief overview of the survey.

This participants' information sheet might be helpful if you have been asked to take part in this survey.

The NZSM will not be continued in 2020. 

Alcohol Use in New Zealand Survey

The Alcohol Use in New Zealand Survey, also known as What you think about drink, is new survey for HPA. The survey covers alcohol consumption and behaviours, attitudes and beliefs about drinking, and experiences of short-term harm from alcohol. Results from the survey will be available in late 2020.

Nielsen, an independent research company, is carrying out the survey. Nielsen can be contacted on 0800 400 402.

HPA has undertaken an annual alcohol monitoring survey in some form since 2005, most recently the Attitudes and Behaviours towards Alcohol Survey. Reports from earlier surveys can be found on the research publications page.

Health and Lifestyles Survey

The Health and Lifestyles Survey is a national in-home survey that measures New Zealanders’ behaviours, attitudes and knowledge on a range of health and lifestyle topics including food and drink, smoking, gambling and being out in the sun. This is a biennial monitor and it has been carried out since 2008. The next survey is expected to be in field in 2020.

For more information regarding the latest HLS survey (2018).

New Zealand Mental Health and Wellbeing Survey

The New Zealand Mental Health and Wellbeing Survey (MHWS), also known as the Mental Health Monitor, is a national in-home survey of New Zealanders’ views and experiences relating to mental health and wellbeing. The survey was carried out in 2015, 2016 and 2018.

The 2018 MHWS questionnaire can be found here.

The 2018 methodology report and findings using 2018 data will be added to the HPA website during 2019.

Reports from earlier surveys can be found on the HPA Publications page.

New Zealand Youth Tobacco Monitor

The New Zealand Youth Tobacco Monitor (NZYTM) is a national school-based monitor comprising the ASH Year 10 Snapshot and HPA’s Youth Insights Survey (YIS). It is used to gain smoking prevalence data for year 10 students, as well as in-depth information on attitudes to tobacco and youth culture and lifestyles. The NZYTM is conducted annually while the YIS is a biennial monitor.

Download the information sheet for researchers.

Download the information sheet for people working with schools.

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