QuitStrong campaign resources

Resources such as videos and posters are available for community organisations and others to promote the campaign in local communities. See the brand guidelines here. 

To help spread the word you can:
•    Follow and share our posts on Facebook and Instagram.
•    Post our videos on social and use #quitstrong.
•    Share the link to QuitStrong.nz
•    Put the posters up in your community.
•    Add the email signature to your emails.

Note: The promotional resources below can be used for non-commercial health promotion purposes without alteration for 12 months from 2 August 2020. The licence is renewable by Te Hiringa Hauora/Health Promotion Agency. The QuitStrong logo may not be used in association with any individual commercial products. If you wish to use the logo in a commercial setting, but not in association with an individual product, please contact communications@hpa.org.nz.

Promotional videos 

These promotional videos are available to use for non-commercial health promotion. You can view via YouTube or download the file (recommended if you are posting on your social channels). If you need to download the file in a different format, please contact communications@hpa.org.nz

QuitStrong advert (30 seconds)

Health (15 seconds)

Save money (15 seconds)

Whānau (15 seconds)

For your pēpē (15 seconds)

Cristo - Shot my brother (6 seconds)

Kataraina – Quitting for your kids (6 seconds)

Jay – Let’s do it together (6 seconds)

John – You're very strong (6 seconds)

Ralph – We’ve got your back (6 seconds)

Angelique – Four weeks smokefree (6 seconds)

Tips and tricks videos 

These short videos have tips and tricks for quitting smoking.

Get a Quit Coach

Handling the urge to smoke

To reduce the cravings, use nicotone gum and patches correctly

Vape to quit

Simple smokefree ways to reduce stress

Better ways to quit than cold turkey

Nicotine myth


If your organisation wants to use the radio advertisements for paid media, please contact communications@hpa.org.nz



Use the online banners on your website, social media channels and e-newsletters. 

Email signature

QuitStrong Logos

See the selection of banners above with the QuitStrong logo used in different ways, including plain usage. See the brand guidelines here

If you are wanting to use the QuitStrong logo for a specific use for your organisations and need the logo design files, please contact communications@hpa.org.nz