How to best support young people who are concerned about their drinking. Youth2000 Survey Series

31 Mar 2014

The Youth’07: Young People and Alcohol report (2011) commissioned by the Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand (ALAC) found that there were a number of students who were worried about their drinking practices and that some of these had tried to cut back or give up. Concerned to learn more and to understand how to best support these young people ALAC (now HPA) commissioned the Adolescent Health Research Group (AHRG) to explore the Youth’07 survey data further. A qualitative study was also undertaken to canvas young people’s experiences of what assists them and what doesn’t in managing their alcohol consumption.

This report presents the findings of the two studies that will be highly valuable to policy makers and practitioners who work with young people with alcohol issues. It identifies who, among young people, are most likely to be concerned about their drinking and why. The report also finds that there are a number of social, cultural and contextual factors in young people’s lives that contribute to successful alcohol management.