Mental health

Nōku te Ao: Sovereignty of the Māori Mind

13 Jan 2023

The purpose of this report is to present a Māori world view of factors that contribute to discrimination of people who have experienced — or continue to experience — mental distress.

The focus in this research is on Māori and recognises that discrimination associated with mental distress has many causative factors including colonisation, racism, socioeconomic deprivation, different perspectives on ‘mental distress’, historic separation of mental health from other health problems, and the longstanding societal disregard for people who experience mental distress.

A critical Kaupapa Māori collation of relevant literature is presented that unpacks the root causes and institutional drivers of discrimination against Māori who experience mental distress.

This research aims to inform a Kaupapa Māori approach to Nōku te Ao that prioritises Māori.