Public attitudes on policy interventions to reduce alcohol harm: Results from the 2019/20 Alcohol Use in New Zealand Survey

10 Feb 2021

This is one of three reports highlighting the results from the first Alcohol Use in New Zealand Survey (AUiNZ). This report describes the attitudes of respondents to the World Health Organization’s recommended policy interventions (SAFER) to reduce alcohol harm. These interventions focus on drink driving; alcohol advertising, sponsorship and promotion; screening and treatment; price; and availability.

Other reports look at the AUiNZ results for all respondents and Māori respondents. Detailed information, including regional breakdowns, is available on Kupe, our data repository.

The methodology report and the questionnaire are also available.

The AUiNZ provides information about the attitudes and behaviours of New Zealanders towards alcohol. It is a nationwide survey of New Zealand residents aged 18 years and over, using a mix of self-completion methods. A total of 4,545 adults completed the survey between August 2019 and March 2020, including 1,285 Māori.