Stroke FAST Campaign

Each year in New Zealand about 9,000 people have a stroke.

Delayed recognition of a stroke can have tragic consequences, including further damage to the brain or death. 

Know the Signs of Stroke – Think FAST

The aim of the FAST campaign is to raise awareness that stroke is a medical emergency and to learn the FAST mnemonic.

  • F- Face – Is their face drooping on one side? 
  • A - Arm – Is one arm weak? 
  • S - Speech – Is their speech jumbled, slurred or lost? 
  • T- Time – Time to call 111. 

The campaign includes television, radio and digital advertising. It runs from 4 June till August 2017.

The television advertisement shows the signs of stroke and how quickly damage to the brain can occur, emphasising the need to get medical help immediately. 

The radio advertisements are set in everyday Kiwi situations – a BBQ with friends, a rugby game, and a coffee catch-up with workmates. The message is that a stroke could happen to anyone at any time.

What are the key messages?

  • A stroke can happen to anyone, anytime – it could be someone you know or the person next to you. 
  • Each year 9,000 people have a stroke – that’s around one Kiwi each hour! 
  • It is important to recognise when someone is having a stroke and to start medical treatment as soon as possible because treatment can reduce brain damage and mean better outcomes.
  • Know the signs of stroke. Acting FAST can save lives, improve recovery and reduce ongoing costs from stroke to families, caregivers and communities. 
  • Stroke is always a medical emergency, call 111 immediately.

Learn more about our key messages here. 

What is the call to action?

Know the signs of stroke, think FAST:

  • Face – Is their face drooping on one side? 
  • Arm – Is one arm weak? 
  • Speech – Is their speech jumbled, slurred or lost? 
  • Time – Time to call 111. 
  • Call 111 immediately if you see any of the FAST signs.
  • Learn the FAST check and tell others about it. If we all learn to recognise the signs of stroke, we could save a life!

Who is behind the campaign?

The Ministry of Health and the Health Promotion Agency are working with the Stroke Foundation on the campaign.

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