HPA works closely with the Ministry of Health's immunisation team to provide communications and marketing support for its National Immunisation Programme. The Programme’s overarching theme is that immunisation is the best protection against serious but preventable diseases – helping to protect children, families and our community.

The National Immunisation Programme provides free immunisation to people across their lifespan.

Latest updates

  • An Immunisation Week 2018 draft media release is available for you to tailor and use in your region. We encourage you to include any local stories or photos you may have to enrich your communications approach.
  • Immunisation Week 2018 will take place from 30 April to 6 May and will focus on promoting immunisation for older people and encouraging immunisation across the lifespan…[read more]
  • To support DHBs in their planning for Immunisation Week 2018, HPA has developed a new Digital Communications Toolkit to support regional promotions. The toolkit has been designed to support DHBs to encourage greater awareness and immunisation uptake in the regions…[read more]
  • The National Immunisation Schedule has changed for older people. From 1 April, immunisation against shingles will be free at age 65, and for the next two years, for people aged 66 to 80… [read more]
  • To support the return of the school-based immunisation programme, a second phase of the HPV Immunisation Campaign is in market from 12 February until 31 March 2018. The marketing campaign is targeted at parents of children aged 11 and 12 and highlights the risk of HPV infection, which is serious and can lead to cancer… [read more]
  • There is currently an ongoing outbreak of mumps, it’s important that teenagers and young adults are up-to-date with their immunisations. Those aged 11 to 29 are most at risk…[read more]

    For further information please visit the Ministry of Health's website here.

    Why Immunise?

    HPA developed a video series, called ‘Why Immunise?’ to support and promote the National Immunisation Schedule. The videos are for parents and their whānau, and explain how immunisation helps protect against the spread of serious diseases that can be prevented. They show the impact of these diseases and how they can affect New Zealand families.

    The series includes six videos; two informational videos featuring Dr Kiriana Bird, ‘Why immunise?’, which explores why immunisation is so important for whānau and ‘Immunisation and how it works’, which explains how the immunise system and immunisation works; and four 30 second video adverts that can be used to promote immunisation and increase awareness, including ‘One less worry’, ‘Be on time’, ‘Chance’ and ‘Serious’.

    Informational Videos:

    Why Immunise?

    Immunisation and how it works

    Promotional Video Adverts:

    One Less Worry

    Be On Time



    Video playlist (all six 'Why Immunise?' videos):

    For more immunisation videos, please visit the Ministry of Health’s YouTube Channel

    Immunisation Resources

    HPA has created a new Immunisation Toolkit which includes download links to programme resources and digital assets for DHBs to use. To download the toolkit, please click here.

    Immunisation Programme’s printed resources are also available to order from HealthEd

    HPA can provide artwork files for some resources. The printing and production needs to be arranged locally. Artwork is subject to a conditions of use agreement and needs to comply with the National Immunisation Programme Brand Guidelines.

    Please contact Robyn to request artwork or if you have any brand queries.