Pregnancy and Infant Immunisation

Immunisation during pregnancy helps to protect baby and mum from influenza, and protects baby against whopping cough when they are first born and at most risk.

Infant immunisations are offered at 6 weeks, 3 months, 5 months and 15 months and help protect babies against serious preventable diseases. Infant immunisations are critical as they provide protection for babies when they are at their most vulnerable.

A key focus of this work is on getting immunisations completed on time and helping achieve the Government's health target of 95% of eight-month-olds being fully immunised.

Immunisation Resources

HPA has developed a new pamphlet that speaks to the importance of immunisation during pregnancy. The resource is a revision of the existing ‘HE2503 Immunise against whooping cough’. It is tailored for pregnant women and their families and explains the immunisations recommended to protect mum and baby against serious diseases such as whopping cough and influenza.

To order the new ‘Immunise during pregnancy’ resource, please visit HealthEd 

Download or order copies of the Childhood Immunisation brochure from the HealthEd website.





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Protect your baby againts serious diseases: Whooping Cough

Protect your baby against serious diseases: Tetanus

Protect your baby againts serious diseases:        Polio

Protect your baby againts serious diseases: Diptheria

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