Like Minds, Like Mine campaign: Just Ask. Just Listen

A new national Like Minds, Like Mine campaign will be in market from 30 September 2018, before Mental Health Awareness Week 8 to 14 October 2018.



The campaign ‘Just Ask. Just Listen’ targets family, whānau and friends of people experiencing mental distress. It uses humour and existing New Zealand wildlife film footage to highlight people’s behaviour by showing ‘what not to do’ – including deciding what’s best for the person, labelling or name-calling, awkward conversations and excluding someone from social occasions. 

The campaign message is to not assume what someone experiencing mental distress needs or is capable of, but rather to be guided by the person. The call to action is Just Ask. Just Listen. 

Target audience

Family, whānau and friends are commonly reported as discriminating towards people experiencing mental distress. The New Zealand Mental Health Monitor (2018) delivered by HPA reports that 80% of New Zealanders know someone who experiences mental distress or were affected by mental distress themselves. The lifetime exposure to mental distress is highest for family/whānau (51%) and close friends (50%). 

Everyone is a family/whānau member or friend, and has the power to exclude someone with mental distress. 

Key messages 

  • Mental illness and distress is common and can happen to anyone. One in two people in the population are likely to develop a mental disorder at some time in their lives (or one in five people in any given year) Reference: Te Rau Hinengaro. 
  • If someone you know is experiencing mental distress: 
    • you don’t have to know all the answers
    • talking about it can be awkward. Do it anyway
    • calling them names doesn’t help
    • don’t leave them out. Keep them involved.
  • Just ask what you can do. Just Listen. 
  • Do not assume what someone experiencing mental distress needs or is capable of, but rather to be guided by the person.
  • By interacting differently and accepting/understanding the person with mental distress as they are, both parties will benefit. 

Advertising Channels

As the campaign targets all New Zealanders, it will roll out via mass media channels, including TV and online video, banners, social media, social influencers (people on social media with large followings and the lived experience of being there for a friend of whānau member) and resources for the community. 

The campaign advertising (in various forms and across various channels) will be live from 30 September 2018 until the end of June 2019. 

Supporting the campaign

Follow the Like Minds, Like Mine Facebook page and share content through your own channels. Encourage others to like and follow the pages too.

Visit the Like Minds, Like Mine website for more information about the campaign, including tips for conversation starters, looking after yourself and your whānau and where to go for support.

Order resources or download items from our digital toolkit. The toolkit includes video links, email signatures, downloadable posters and flyers. Keep checking the toolkit as further resources will be added over time.

Just Ask. Just Listen Television Advertisements

View the three television commercials below. Please share these videos with your communities.