Reaching out to at-risk gamblers

Gambling can start out as #Fun, but there is a point for everyone where it can become #UnFun.

That’s a central theme of the Choice Not Chance campaign.

Our communications approach

Gambling harm is often hidden but it can escalate quickly. If you’re gambling at all, it pays to check whether it’s still just for fun.

Many people may have never contemplated whether their gambling could be having negative consequences for them or their loved ones. 

This campaign prompts people to reflect on their situation and check whether their gambling is okay by taking an easy quiz at

Help Seeking 

There are many ways to get help. If you are concerned about yourself or someone else’s gambling, you can call the Gambling Helpline team on 0800 654 655 or text them on 8006. This helpline is free and can provide 24/7 advice and support.

A range of self-help resources are available at

You can also access free face-to-face help and support from local counselling services at

Why does New Zealand need this campaign?

Gambling harm can affect relationships, whānau, finances and hopes for the future.

Around 186,000 people in New Zealand are personally affected by gambling harm.  Sixty-one thousand people are gambling with moderate or more serious levels harm; that's equivalent to the number of people who live in Rotorua. A further 125,000 people are likely to be experiencing at least some level of harm (and are at-risk of more severe harm in the future); equivalent to the population of Dunedin.

This campaign takes a preventative approach. It targets at-risk gamblers aged 18 to 34 years and aims to:

  1. motivate more people who are at risk to check whether their gambling is okay before harm escalates in severity
  2. motivate more people who are at risk to get help earlier (or change their behaviour through self-help). 

Where are the ads playing?

The campaign commenced on 27 August 2017 and includes television advertisements, digital advertising and social media activity.

Want to get involved?

Join the discussion on the Choice Not Chance Facebook page and use the hashtags #Fun #Unfun

Order free posters from our online shop -  they’re great for workplaces or public waiting areas.

Download an animated banner/tile to add to your website: