Nutrition and physical activity

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Our goal - New Zealanders eat healthily, are more active, and achieve a healthy weight.

To view the Government's childhood obesity plan visit the Ministry of Health's website

Four facts about nutrition and physical activity

  • Good nutrition, regular physical activity, and a healthy body size are important in maintaining health and wellbeing and for preventing serious health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some cancers. 

  • Obesity rates in New Zealand are rising with two in three New Zealand adults overweight or obese. Māori are almost twice as likely to be obese as non-Māori while Pacific adults are 2.5 times as likely to be obese as non Pacific adults (Ministry of Health, 2013).

  • Obesity prevalence of New Zealand children continues to increase with recent data showing 21% of New Zealand children are overweight and 10% obese, with Māori and Pacific children more likely to be overweight (Ministry of Health, 2013).

  • From conception to childhood, parents/caregivers, families and communities directly shape a child's physical and social environment and indirectly influence behaviours, habits, preferences and attitudes

What does HPA do?

  • Provides tools and resources about nutrition and physical activity to support people who work with families and communities.  
  • Develops nationally-consistent messages that reflect the Ministry of Health’s guidelines. 
  • Provides information for consumers and families to help make healthier food choices and be more physically active.
  • Contributes to the development of national nutrition and physical activity policy and guidelines.
Topics of focus include:
  • reducing consumption of sugary drinks and promoting water as the drink of choice
  • encouraging people to sit less and move more in workplaces
  • providing fast, easy and affordable family meal ideas
  • encouraging families to be active together
  • introducing solids to babies – best foods to try, when and how
  • Health Star Ratings on packaged foods to assist household shoppers to select healthier foods and beverages.

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