World Smokefree Day

World Smokefree Day is on 31 May and is about celebrating and working towards smokefree/auahi kore lives for New Zealanders. Internationally, it is known as World No Tobacco Day.

World Smokefree Day is celebrated and delivered at a local level with the theme being applied to current initiatives and priorities. Regional teams provide a collaborative approach and touchpoints for anyone wanting to get involved.

The objectives of World Smokefree Day in New Zealand are:
• Raising awareness and contributing to the achievement of the Smokefree 2025 goal.
• Enabling better collaboration, planning and coordination of work within regions and across the country.
• Raising awareness of the smokefree kaupapa with an emphasis on reducing exposure to second-hand smoke and increasing quit attempts.
• Enabling continuity and consistency of messaging across the country.
• Building on and complementing current work in tobacco control.

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About the theme

The theme for WSFD 2017 is 'It's about whānau'.

Whānau are a driving force for many people wishing to protect others from the harm of second-hand smoke. This purpose resonates across all people, cultures, and communities. The call to action is for people who smoke and non-smokers to take control and stop exposing others to second-hand smoke, especially children.

Tools and Resources

HPA provides resources to regional World Smokefree Day facilitators and a range of resources is also available to purchase from Signature Promotions.

HPA has produced a range of digital tools and resources to support initiatives that utilise the 'It’s about Whānau' theme. These resources include things such as website and social media banners, GIFs (animated images), videos and email signature blocks.


These and other resources can be found from 2017 tools and resources.

Get involved

Individuals and organisations with an interest in tobacco control have formed regional World Smokefree Day teams.

See who the regional facilitator is in your region. It's not too late to get in touch and get involved.