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2009–2010 ‘Face the Facts’ Campaign Survey Data Tables

28 May 2012

These are tables of figures from the 2009 ‘Face the Facts’ Campaign Benchmark Survey and the 2010 ‘Face the Facts’ Campaign Follow-up Survey. These tables have been released to allow New Zealanders to access and use the information they contain.

Before viewing the tables:

1.      please review the methodology of this survey provided on pages 3–7 and 43–44 of the full survey report

2.      see the source of the questions on pages 45–54 of the survey report

3.      please read this one-page guide to how to interpret the tables

4.      banner (or by-variable) definitions are available here [1 page]


‘Face the Facts’ Benchmark Survey [164 pages]

‘Face the Facts’ Follow-up Survey Phase 2 [317 pages]

‘Face the Facts’ Follow-up Survey Phases 1 and 2 combined [315 pages]


Creative Commons Licence

 The 2009–2010 ‘Face the Facts’ Campaign Survey data tables are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 New Zealand License.