Mental health

Evaluation of mental health e-Learning modules for New Zealand Police: Report

14 Jun 2018

In response to a rapid growth since 2005/2006 in the number of mental health related events the New Zealand Police committed resources to the aim of improving the response to people who experience mental distress. This included an overhaul of the existing training programmes and the commissioning of service-user led contact-based mental health training, with a focus on countering stigma and discrimination. This was followed by the commissioning of University of Otago to develop, deliver and evaluate a service-user led contact-based e-Learning programme.

The Health Promotion Agency (HPA) commissioned the University of Otago to undertake this research. The research evaluates the three mental health e-Learning modules delivered to New Zealand Police. The evaluation began in late 2016 when the modules became available for staff to access through the New Zealand Police human resources management (HR) system. The report provides a summary of the three e-Learning modules, and a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the attitudinal and behavioural change strands that the modules contain.